Blastball Info

Blast ball is the introduction to baseball with a focus on fun and fundamentals.  Softer balls are used so kids can learn to throw and catch without fear.  Players hit off a tee and run one base at a time, and are given equal opportunities for batting and fielding.  Every player will have a chance to learn and play each position, throwing, batting and catching.  

Blast Ball goals are:

  • Have fun
  • Experience a team environment and sportsmanship
  • Learn the basic rules and skills of baseball

TABA will provide all the field gear.  Your child will need a glove, helmet, grey baseball pants, cleats or runners and a bat.  Please see our equipment page for information on bats.  This division requires a lot of parent involvement, so bring your gloves and positivity with you.  Coaches will be provided practice plans and support from TABA.  3 teams will meet at each field time and rotate through a game and a practice.  

Players will also be introduced to the Base Race – everyone’s favourite!

Blast Ball Rules

  1. Jerseys and hats are supplied by TABA and should be worn to all practices and games.  Full uniforms should be worn to games including pants, belts and socks.
  2. Base runners, batter, and on-deck batter must wear batting helmets with chinstraps properly attached. Players may wear running shoes or molded rubber cleats (soccer cleats are accepted)
  3. Each team is responsible to clean up the field after practices and games
  4. The coaches are responsible to set up the field for games. After the last game coaches are to make sure all equipment used during the game is returned to the storage area and locked up. All equipment will be provided by TABA.
  5. The division coordinator will set teams of 6 players each.  Each field time will rotate 3 teams in equal time where 2 teams play a friendly development game and the third runs a practice.
  6. Base paths are set at 45 feet.
  7. Equipment is NOT to be used for any activity that is not TABA sanctioned. Only the coaches and the executive will be given access to the equipment boxes.
  8. Coaches are responsible for the behaviour of their team players, fans and parents during games and to make sure there is no abuse of the equipment. INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE AND BEHAVIOUR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  It is the responsibility of the coach to notify TABA of any major issues that occur at the ball park immediately following the game and/ or practice.
  9. Games postponed due to rain will be considered a non-event, unless coaches wish to schedule a make-up game through the division coordinator.  It is the coaches’ discretion when to call a game or practice due to darkness, field condition or weather, and the coaches responsibility to notify the team manager and team.
  10. Each player is required to have a guardian at the field at ALL times. If the players parent is not able to remain for the entire game/ practice the coach must be notified as to who will be responsible for the player. 
  11. Each game shall be 3 full innings to a maximum of 1 hour
  12. Each game should end with a base race.
  13. The ball will be hit off the tee only, no pitching is permitted by any player, coach or parent.  
  14. All players will be included in the batting order. A team’s turn at bat will consist of every player batting. After each game up to bat, a team will put its first batter to the bottom of the lineup for the next game
  15. Each hitter gets a maximum of 5 attempts to hit off the tee.  If there is no hit after 5 tries, the coach will roll the ball into the playing field to allow the hitter to run the base paths and allow the defence to field the ball and make plays
  16. The coach of the team up to bat should be stationed near the tee to assist batters 
  17. Fielding coaches are required at pitcher and first base, with additional coaches and parents (coaches discretion) throughout the field.  
  18. Coaches must switch players to different positions from inning to inning, alternating positions. Each player shall be given an opportunity to play every position BEFORE playing a position for the second time
  19. When the ball is hit players are required to throw the ball to first base. After each play is completed, first baseman must throw the ball to the coach who is at the Tee.
  20. There are NO OUTS in Blast Ball.
  21. Runners are not allowed to advance more than one base at a time 
  22. There are no walks, no strikeouts, no base stealing.