General Information

Below are some general notes about divisions and rules in Tsawwassen Baseball. These are just intended as an introduction.

TABA is a proud member of B.C. Minor Baseball and is governed by their rulebook, so for full understanding of the rules please refer to their website.

Following B.C. Minor rules, divisions in Tsawwassen are divided by age, generally in two year increments, from under 5 to 18 and over.

At the younger ages the primary emphasis is on fun and development, learning skills and playing locally on ‘house’ teams. As the kids get older and their skills develop the emphasis remains on fun and development but opportunities are added for more competition and intensity.

At older age levels tiering is introduced within age levels to allow for even competition across associations and skill levels.

The Baseball Season

The main ‘spring’ baseball season for all divisions begins with opening day in early April and runs until the end of June.

At some levels there is then a second ‘summer’ season running through July.

The ‘summer’ season is usually reserved for a higher level of competition and commitment where players are chosen for teams to represent Tsawwassen in wider lower mainland play and compete for a chance to to participate in provincials.

At older levels spring and summer seasons may be joined at certain tiers.

The organization and availability of these opportunities varies with the division and year so check the individual division pages.


Coaching is carried out by qualified volunteers. Each division has rules for coach qualification as under Canadian baseball levels. TABA is committed to coach development. See the coach development page for more details


Even at the older ages the required equipment for baseball is minimal compared to other sports. A glove, helmet, footwear, and some inexpensive uniform pieces are usually it. Hats and jerseys are provided. Each team has bats, balls and catching gear. An athletic protector is required past Tadpole

Players often choose to have their own personal bats but this is not requried.

See the parent’s page for more about costs and choosing gloves, bats, etc. Each division has different rules regulating bat size and other eqipment.

Age Determination

A players age level is determined by their age as of December 31 following the season. A player must be under the maximum age (and over the minimum) for the division on that day.

For example, Pee Wee is 13U, so a player who turns 14 in November would play Bantam (15U) the summer prior not Pee Wee even though they would be 13 during the season.

Call Ups

Players may temporarily be ‘called up’ to play at an older level (usually when an older team team is short) but there are limits to the number of games and/or tournaments which a player can be called up in a season. See each division for their specific rules.

Permanent call ups to older age levels for skilled players are rare and only allowed following a formal league review process.


Player pitching is usually introduced near the end of U9 or the beginning of the U11 seasons (see below). U9 summerball is player pitching and coaches may introduce players to pitching concepts at the end of this spring season in preparation.

At every level BC Minor sets pitch count limits to protect players. TABA follows these limits in both spring and summer seasons.

Player Movement

Under BC Minor Rules players are expected to play (and provided an opportunity to play) in their home association.

Players may only play in another BC Minor organization on obtaining a release from their home organization. There are some specific rules allowing player movement in limited circumstances.


Below is a quick summary of the divisions in Tsawwassen baseball. See the individual pages of each for details, news and schedules


This is a special division which is set up to give opportunity for children with cognitive or physical disabilities to enjoy the thrill of playing baseball.

Find on more on the Challenger page.

Tee Ball 4U/5U

Tee ball is an introductory level of baseball for first and second year players. Players will hit off a tee and all players will field and bat each inning. The division is designed to encourage active participation of all players while developing baseball skills and fostering love of the game.

Tee Ball page coming soon.

Rally Cap 7U

Here the emphasis is on fun and developing beginning skills as players work their way through different cap colours as they learn.

Find on more on the Tee Ball page.

Tadpole 9U

In Tadpole spring house league play begins with Tsawwasen players divided into even teams. A pitching machine is used with a softer ball.

More on the Tadpole Page.

Mosquito 11U

In Mosquito a regular hardball and player pitching only is introduced. There is regularly a summerball team and sometimes one for first year players only

More on the Mosquito Page

Pee Wee 13U

At Pee Wee level the diamond and pitching distances increase. A year long AA team is introduced which plays through both a spring and summer season together.

More on the Pee Wee page

Bantam 15U

Diamond and pitching distances increase again. House ball is replaced by tiered teams that play other lower mainland teams. Tsawwassen regularly offers a AA and A teams. AAA opportunities have been offered as part of partnership with other Delta organizations

More on the Bantam page.

Midget 18U

Midget is for players 18 or under as of the December 31 of the folloiwng season. Midget generally covers grade 10 through 12

More on the Midget page.

Junior Men

For players who want to continue playing after high school.

More on the Junior Men's page.