The Midget division is 18U. Players must be 18 or under as of the December 31 following the season. Players move to Midget from 15U Bantam so they will likely turn 16 during their first year of Midget and Midget will generally cover Grades 10 through 12.

At this level Tsawwassen usually only offers Midget AA. The AA team will play similar level teams from other associations in the Lower Mainland.

Under BC Minor rules, when AAA is not offered in Tsawwassen players may tryout for AAA in another jurisdiction. Under this rule players register in Tsawwassen and then apply for a Preliminary Try Out approval. If they are selected after the tryout they then submit a player movement form to both associations. Please email for more info.

Midget Rules

At the Midget level base paths are set at 90 feet and Pitchers throw from 60 1/2 feet. The pitching mound is raised by a gradual slope to a height of 10 inches above the base paths.

The recommended dimensions for the outfield fence are 285 to 320 feet on the foul lines and 320 feet to 400 feet at centre field. Lead offs and stealing are allowed and games are 7 innings long. Balk balls are called on pitchers and running to 1st on a dropped 3rd strike is allowed (if 1st base is unoccupied, or if 1st base is occupied with 2 out).

Shoes with metal cleats are permitted in the Midget Division. Except for at the AAA and AA Summer Ball level, all players bat in rotation as 9 man ball does not apply. Other guidelines for play in the Midget Division are found in Rule 24 (BC Minor Rules).