Mosquito Information

The Mosquito Division is 11U, meaning players must be 11 or under as of the December 31 following the season. Players move to Mosquito from 9U Tadpole so most payers will turn 10 during their first year and 11 as second years and be in Grade 4 and 5.

Mosquito is a considerable jump up from Tadpole with the introduction of hardball, player pitching and stealing. First year players are given an opportunity to pitch in the first two innings of games.

In the spring season all registered players are divided evenly through a draft to Tsawwassen house teams. Tsawwassen teams play against other Tsawwassen teams during weeknight games. As Tsawwassen is interlocked with Ladner for Spring ball, weekends games are played against Ladner teams in either Tsawwassen or Ladner. There is usually also an informal Delta Cup where winners of Ladner, Tsawwassen and North Delta divisions meet.

In the summer season teams are chosen to represent Tsawwassen in tiered lower mainland play with the aim of making provincials. Tiering depends partially on registration numbers but in the past Tsawwassen has played successfully in AAA tier 2. This team is made primarily of second year players. There is then an opportunity for a first year only team at the 10U A level.

Keep an eye on the news section to see specific availability and tryout information.

Mosquito Rules

At the Mosquito level base paths are set at 60 feet and Pitchers throw from 46 feet. The pitching mound is raised by a gradual slope to a height of 6 inches above the base paths. The recommended dimensions for the outfield fence are 180 to 200 feet.

Stealing is allowed but lead offs are NOT. When a pitcher is in contact with the pitching rubber, with the ball in their possession, preparatory to the act of pitching, all base runners shall return to their bases and cannot leave until the pitched ball crosses the plate.

The game has a maximum of 6 innings but a time limit applies. The first two innings have a maximum run score of 2 and a first year player must pitch. From the third inning on any aged mosquito player can pitch and the run count limit is 4 except the final and open inning which is a maximum of 6 runs.

Balk balls are NOT called on pitchers and running to 1st on a dropped 3rd strike is NOT allowed.

All players bat in rotation as 9 man ball does not apply. Other guidelines for play in the Mosquito Division are found in Rule 24 (BC Minor Rules).


Batting Helmet – Must have double ear flap protection and must have a chin strap. Helmets to be worn batting, on-deck, on base and when coaching or as bat boy.

Footwear – Non-Metal Cleats

Baseball Glove

All players should wear athletic support/cup and they are mandatory for catchers.


Mosquito players are limited to maximum 32 inch bats with a maximum 2 5/8″ diameter. There are no limits on length/weight drop but any bat with a greater that 2 1/4 inch diameter must be marked “USABB” approved.

Pitch Limits (spring and summer)

1-25 pitches = no rest

26-40 pitches = 2 nights rest

41-55 pitches = 3 nights rest

56-65 pitches = 4 nights rest

66-75 pitches = 5 nights rest

(75 pitch max in a day)

Coaching Status required for the Mosquito Division (Rule 9.01):
Spring Ball:

Mosquito “A”: To be eligible to coach Mosquito Spring Ball all coaches must have at minimum Initiation Coach Trained Status (ICT) as per TABA regulations.
Summer Ball:

Mosquito “A” (First year players only) & Mosquito “AAA”: To be eligible to coach Mosquito “A” & “ AAA”, one coach must have Regional Coach Trained Status and a second coach must have Initiation Coach Trained Status (ICT). Any additional coaches must have “ICT” or be registered as an Apprentice Coach.