Rally Cap Information

The Rally Cap program is Baseball Canada’s Official Initiation Program. This program has been designed specifically for young baseball players and aims to increase interest in baseball at young ages. Players participate in combined practice/game structured events, while progressing through six skill levels. At each skill level, your child will earn a specific cap colour ( White, Grey, Black, Green, Blue and Red)

Rally Cap Goals – 1 – Create a fun baseball environment for both children and adults.

2- Teach baseball skills, rules and strategies to our players.

3- Model and teach good sportmanship.

4- Promote increased self esteem among our young players.

There are many benefits for choosing this FUNdamental program. The Rally Cap Program………….

– Increases one on one learning opportunities as a result of small group sizes

– Develops proper mechanics for throwing and hitting at young ages

– Teaches game knowledge and strategies

– Develops skill acquisition in a structured manner

– Involves parents with their child’s development

– Provides coaching material to assist coaches and efficiently and effectively enhance each player’s learning

Why should your child participate in the Rally Cap Program ?

– Fun Environment

– Learn baseball skills, rules and strategies

– Learn Sportmanship

– Increase self-esteem

– Achieve personal goals

– One on one instruction

All equipment is provided by Tsawwassen Baseball. All the Rally Cap player needs to bring is a size appropriate glove and a great attitude…so c’mon….let’s Rally Cap !!

For Coaches:

Baseball Canada has a useful page for Rally Cap coaches (including practice plans and cap skill descriptions): Rally Cap Coaching