Tadpole Information

9U  Tadpole Division

At the Tadpole level base paths are set at 50 feet and a sling style pitching machine throws from between 42 to 46 feet from home plate. The recommended dimensions for the outfield fence are 150 to 200 feet. Stealing and lead offs are NOT allowed. The baseball used for the Tadpole division must be a soft or resilient style baseball ball.

The game has a maximum of 6 innings but a time limit applies. All players bat in rotation as 9 man ball does not apply. Fair play rules exist.

The Tadpole division is made up of equally skilled teams for the Spring season. Tsawwassen teams play against other Tsawwassen teams during weeknight and weekend games.

Tadpole Summer Ball can be played in various interlocked Divisions throughout the Lower Mainland. Tadpole Summer Ball Rules apply, see BC Minor Rule 31.

Equipment Required By Player:

Batting Helmet: Must have double ear flap protection and must have a chin strap.

Footwear: Non-Metal Cleats

Baseball Glove

Bat: The maximum bat length is 30 inches and the maximum bat diameter is 2 1/4 inches

Coaching Status required for Tadpole Division (TABA Rule):

Spring Ball:

Tadpole: To be eligible to coach Tadpole Spring Ball all coaches should have at minimum Initiation Coach Trained Status (ICT) as per TABA regulations and a criminal record check completed.

Summer Ball:

Tadpole: To be eligible to coach Tadpole Summer Ball, one coach must have Initiation Coach Trained Status (ICT). All coaches must have a criminal record check completed.

Spring/Summer 2021

For our restart in April a combination of pitching machine and tee will be used: for 1st year players, after 3 strikes they will move to the tee.

In May when live pitching happens, the tee will be removed and the 3 strikes will apply for the out. 

Pitching is only for 2nd year players and is only in the first 2 innings.

You can find a copy of summer rules here: TABA U9 Summer Rules