Pee Wee

The Pee Wee Division is 13U, meaning players must be 13 or under as of the December 31 following the season. Players move to Pee Wee from 11U Mosquito so most payers will turn 12 during their first year and 13 as second years and be in Grade 6 and 7.

Pee Wee is the first division where full season tiering and travel play begins.

Players may try out for the full season Tsawwassen AA team that offers a more competitive level of play. The AA team will play similar level teams from other associations in the Lower Mainland in spring. This team will then usually remain in AA after a re-tiering for summer ball play

Players not selected to the AA team, or who prefer, will be selected to one of the A teams which offer a more recreational level of play. These A teams will play A teams from other associations in a spring Interlock Division. In some years a summer A team may also be formed.

Pee Wee Rules

At the Pee Wee level base paths are set at 70 feet, and Pitchers throw from 48 feet. The pitching mound is raised by a gradual slope to a height of 6 inches above the level of the base paths. The recommended dimensions for the outfield fence are 225 to 250 feet.

Lead offs and stealing are allowed, and games are 7 innings long. Balk balls are called on pitchers and running to 1st on a dropped 3rd strike is allowed (if 1st base is unoccupied, or if 1st base is occupied with 2 out).

Shoes with metal cleats are not permitted in the Pee Wee Division.

All players bat in rotation, as 9 man ball is not in effect at this level (except for Pee Wee AAA in Summer All-Star play). Other guidelines for play in the Pee Wee Division are found in the BC Minor Baseball Rulebook.


Shoes with metal cleats are not permitted in the Pee Wee Division. Moulded cleats allowed.

Batting Helmet is required and must have double ear flap protection and must have a chin strap. Helmets to be worn batting, on-deck, on base and when coaching or as bat boy.


In Pee Wee players are limited to bats of maximum 32 inch length and maximum 2 3/4 inch diameter. The maximum length/weight drop is -10 and bats must be marked BPF 1.15 or USABB approved.

Pitching Rules

Spring Season:

1-35 pitches = no rest

36-55 pitches = 2 nights rest

56-75 pitches = 3 nights rest

(There is no weekly limit for pitching at the Pee Wee level)

Summer Season:

1-45 pitches = no rest

46-70 Pitches = 2 nights rest

71-85 Pitches = 3 nights rest

Pitchers may pitch in more than 1 game per day but only if do not meet a rest requirement after the first game. Totals from games on same day are combined for rest purposes.

Pitchers may exceed the daily limit to finish a batter.

Pitchers cannot pitch more than 3 consecutive days and can only pitch on a 3rd consecutive day if total for first 2 days combined is under any rest requirement. Third day not allowed in Spring except during tournaments.

Please see the coaching section for information about required training at this level, also for printable pitch count sheets.