Tsawwassen baseball is built on volunteers and we welcome all applications to coach. Coaching is a great way to become involved in the community, have fun with your kids in the program and keep baseball in Tsawwassen growing.

To coach you don’t have to fit any particular profile or be a baseball lifer (although we welcome those too!). There is opportunity at all levels, you can learn as you go and we will help you get better through our coaching development program.

If you start at Rally Cap the training/knowledge requirements are minimal (cat herders welcome) and even for older ages you can assist with only a few hours training commitment.

Coaching Requirements

Criminal Record Check

The non-negotiable requirement for all coaches in the TABA system is a criminal record check. This must be completed before any position is undertaken.

For most this will be a simple process that can be completed online. More details: Criminal Record Check page.


We ask that all coaches register/apply.

There is always a need for coaches, but especially at the older/competitive levels there can be multiple applicants for positions and TABA will screen all applicants to ensure qualifications are met.

Register for 2022 here: Coach Registration


Each division has its’ own training requirements as set out by BC Minor and following the Baseball Canada National Coaching Certification program.

You can find out more about the details of this program and how to sign up and recieve training on the coach development page or directly on the Baseball Canada NCCP page but below are the current levels/requirements as applicable to TABA teams

Coach Training Levels

  • Initiation Coach (in-training, trained)
  • Regional Coach (trained, certified)

The two main levels are Initiation Coach and Regional Coach, but then these two levels are broken down into two further levels: Initiation in-training, Initiaiton Trained and then Regional Trained and Regional Certified.

As seen below most positions are now open to Initiation level coaches

To become Initiaiton in-training you must register and complete an online course. To be Initiation Trained requires attending a half-day seminar covering coaching basics.

Regional Training requires a further number of more specialized seminars and Regional Certification completes with an on-field assessment.

A third level, Provincial Coach is also offered but currently no programs offered by TABA require this level.

Division Requirements (minimum)

  • Rally Cap
    • All coaches: Initiation in-training
  • Tadpole
    • Head coaches: Initiation Trained
    • Assistants: Initiation in-training
  • Mosquito
    • Head coaches: Initiation Trained
    • Assistants: Initiation in-training
  • Pee Wee A
    • Head coaches: Initiation Trained
    • Assistants: Initiation in-training
  • Pee Wee AA
    • Head coaches: Regional Trained
    • Assistants: Initiation Trained
  • Bantam A
    • Head coaches: Initiation Trained
    • Assistants: Initiation in-training
  • Bantam AA
    • Head coach: Regional Certified
    • Assistants: Regional Trained
  • Midget AA
    • Head coach: Initiation Trained
    • Assistants: Initiation In-training

Code of Conduct

We ask that all of our coaches read and abide by the TABA coaches code of conduct:

Code of Conduct

Coaching Resources

See the development page for periodic development and training opportunities for coaches

Rules and Pitch Counts

Tsawwassen Baseball follows the rules of baseball as supplemented by BC Minor Rules. You can find the current BC Minor rulebook here: BC Minor Rulebooks

Each division has strict rules regarding pitch counts. See our pitch count sheet page.